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Phone number 7189453315,located 700 Columbia St Brooklyn ny 11231, in the field of Landscaping,Sprinklers Automatic Fire

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Carl Manson
18.11.2021 04:27:08

As a contractor, I always make sure that I’m working with a fire system company that is fully aware of the regulations and laws, especially around New York. I’ve had bad experiences before with people who cut corners. VIP Fire Sprinklers is the most professional company I’ve worked with for our buildings and construction projects. When they do the job, I’m always confident that everything is copacetic and according to code.

Freddie James
1.12.2021 03:49:14

After one of the properties that we were managing burned down with the fire sprinklers never even going off, we looked for companies that could do thorough inspections for the other buildings under our ownership. We thought things were okay with the building that we lost, but after we found VIP Fire to inspect the other properties, there was a LOT wrong. They were even able to give us insight into what might have gone wrong with the building we lost.

Francine George
9.12.2021 02:40:27

We recently changed inspection companies for our hotel, and we were shocked by what VIP Fire Sprinklers found was going on in our building. There was a lot of outdated stuff, some things were not up to code, and there were some violations here and there. Were we inspected by the Fire Department Inspector before we had them check our systems, we would’ve been in real trouble, so we’re very glad they were there to inspect AND fix our systems for us and make sure that everything was according to re

Jomar Lucas
16.12.2021 03:00:59

I can’t thank VIP Fire Sprinklers enough for the absolutely comprehensive work with our new warehouse. From start to finish, they gave us excellent designs and plans for installing an advanced sprinkler system. We handle goods that can be flammable and, in some cases, combustible, and we wanted to make sure that we had every means possible to avoid disaster, and this team did that for us. They gave us peace of mind with the system they provided.

Rinna Elle
22.12.2021 22:44:20

VIP Fire Sprinklers are very professional and very prompt. I called them in to repair the damaged fire sprinkler system in our office, and they were able to do more than that for us. Gave us great rates on an upgrade and an inspection of the rest of the system. We have updated paperwork now and couldn’t be happier with the service they gave us.

Kevin Fallon
30.12.2021 03:54:24

I recommend this company for its promptness, punctuality, and professionalism. We hired them to do our independent inspection of a couple of properties that we own and are planning to lease out, and they have done everything possible to give us peace of mind about the properties being up to code. All the paperwork was done, everything sorted out, really glad we went with this company for our needs because they do get the work done.

cheryl bhicks
31.12.2021 06:59:41

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Rex Susan
5.1.2022 14:26:37

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Jimmy Kean
8.1.2022 04:04:43

As a landlord, I’ve always ensured that my properties have had fire systems that were within regulation, and I can honestly say that VIP Fire Sprinklers is one of the best, if not the best, in the state. They’re accommodating, and they come right away after you book an inspection. They point out problems and things that could potentially be issues and fix those violations for you. There are no more excuses on why you can’t keep to regulations or safety codes—they provide everything you need.

Asha Calvin
15.1.2022 00:03:37

Recommending VIP Fire for work in multi-story residential buildings for sure. I wasn’t sure what to look for when it came time to repair and upgrade the system, but they laid out many different options and drew up a plan for us. They even enacted the repairs and upgrades themselves—very quick and efficient work.

Aileene Miller
21.1.2022 05:50:32

We were really glad to have called VIP Fire Sprinklers when someone pointed out that our new property could be in code violation in NY. They came out right away to do an inspection. Grateful to them and glad that they were there to help us figure out what was going on and what was going wrong. They’re slated to repair it for us soon, and we couldn’t be happier about what we’ve seen so far.

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