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2737 NW Nela St Portland / Oregon 97210

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Phone number 5032366241,located 2737 NW Nela St Portland or 97210, in the field of Moving Services

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31.1.2021 09:27:39

I was looking for a moving service only about a week before I intended to move and there it was, Northwest Relocation. I contacted and told them about my schedule and inquired if it would be possible for them to provide their services on such a short notice. To my surprise, their customer service was exceptionally pleasant and responded right on time and after reviewing my details, gave me a positive response. I cannot thank them enough for providing their services on such a short notice. They prompted back with all my queries on time and ensured that my household articles would be moved from my previous place to the new one. The movers team of four people arrived on a Sunday morning, right on time, just as they were scheduled to arrive. Since, I am an avid practitioner of punctuality, I really liked their professional ethics on this part. The team was highly trained and worked with an efficient capacity making sure all my stuff is packed and moved, appropriately. The team made sure that all the stuff remains unharmed during the moving process. Moreover, my ancestral limited-edition piano was moved with great care and not a scratch was made to it while moving downtown. As I mentioned earlier, the movers were time-efficient and performed all the tasks timely and as quickly as possible, without causing any haste. They were effortlessly quick which goes on to show how professionally trained the team members were and thoroughly aware of the work they were doing. Never knew moving would become so reliable with a company like Northwest Relocation. I would certainly be recommending NW relocation to my friends and family. I have had such a pleasant experience availing their services. Beginning from being punctual and professional to being thoroughly impressive with their attitude, from carefully packing my goods to efficiently moving them with great care. They made sure of providing each service gallantly. I am extremely impressed with their great service . I would certainly wish to see more relocation companies follow their suit as NW Relocation has set the bars of performance really high for me. Great job , NW Relocation. Keep up the good work!

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