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Compassionate Counseling

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Compassionate Counseling Mental Health Services, Counseling Services, Marriage & Family Counselors

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112 Suite 211 Starrit Street Lancaster / Ohio 43068

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Phone number 6143074555,located 112 Suite 211 Starrit Street Lancaster oh 43068, in the field of Mental Health Services,Counseling Services,Marriage & Family Counselors

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Angela Lindsey Lindsey
11.1.2022 20:38:13

Nasty therapist. Out of anger she told me my dad fucked me and then asked me how much longer I was keeping it a secret. Those were her exact words after knowing I didn't get to say goodbye to my dad when he died and missed his funeral. The state licensing board doesn't think what she said was wrong as well. I tell my problems to God now. She also charges $185 per hour and she is pretty much the most expensive counselor in Ohio. Please save your mental health and not go here. She made me suicida

JamesViamy JamesViamyKM
14.1.2022 07:19:21

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