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900 Route 168,Turnersville,New Jersey 08012

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Law Offices Of Lynda L Hinkle, Llc Turnersville 8562277888 for address, phone, website and other contact information
The address is 900 Route 168,Turnersville,New Jersey,08012,US in the Lawyers sector.Location : 39.7774935762294,-75.0520034411413 (navigation code to find Law Offices Of Lynda L Hinkle, Llc)


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Q : What is the phone number for Law Offices Of Lynda L Hinkle, Llc?

A : The phone number for Law Offices Of Lynda L Hinkle, Llc is 8562277888

Q : Is there a key contact at Law Offices Of Lynda L Hinkle, Llc?

A : You can contact at 8562277888

Q : Where is Law Offices Of Lynda L Hinkle, Llc located?

A : Law Offices Of Lynda L Hinkle, Llc is located at 900 Route 168,Turnersville,NJ 08012.

Q : What is Zip Code 900 Route 168?

A : The Zip Code 08012.

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I hired Lynda for 9 months to the tune of $3675 for a simple divorce. No kids, no property, and no alimony. We did have to wait for 2 bankruptcies to finalize, and Lynda didn´t have to file motions. She created a CIS, answer, and counterclaim, but the opposition created the MSA. Lynda then requested another $3100 almost $7000 in total for my divorce. I have worked with many lawyers and I considered this highway robbery. I fired her after the 9 months and when my divorce was finalized by another lawyer, I asked for a partial refund of $1150 as we didn´t meet with the opposition, and Lynda was out to rake me over the coals. If you have money to burn, go ahead and hire her, otherwise, I would recommend that you avoid hiring her. There are much better lawyers out there that cost less. She actually called me an extortionist because I told her that I was going to post truthful bad reviews since she would only agree to refund $200. She lies to cover her tracks and has no consistency in her arguments over the billing. She claimed that I didn´t produce documents in a timely fashion and that could not be further from the truth as I am an Internet hound with scanning equipment for documents, pdf ers, both at home and work. Her office staff was courteous and professional, however she was like talking to a tree. I would not recommend her to friends or family, or even my worst enemies. I also found similar reviews with unresolved billing issues, so beware and avoid this attorney. There are plenty of better ones at more reasonable rates!!!

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